What is the EAGLE Scholars Program? 

EAGLE Scholars is a college-readiness program for 7th-12th grade students. At the end of sixth grade year, 30 students are nominated by their teachers and then interviewed by the Director and older Scholars. The students that are chosen stay in the program until high school graduation. 

EAGLE Scholars is relationship-based and student-centered. Our combination of individual family meetings, college readiness meetings, college simulation program, exposure to career opportunities, and engagement in cultural activities, address low-income students' unique needs to be prepared mentally as well as academically to be the first in their family, and of the minority of their community, who go to college. 

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Engaging in opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom is not only important, but necessary for youth to be competitive with their counterparts in other parts of the city and country. We engage students in experiential learning and expose them to new thoughts and ideas in order for them to internalize the notion that they are college material and can begin working toward their goals and dreams. 

I want to go all around the world and explore the jungle and rainforest.
— Javier, 13
I like learning new things and learning how I can help people in new ways.
— Alondra, 13
I fear not having a good job and not being able to go to college.
— Yasmin, 13

Volunteer Opportunities 

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Before you begin volunteering, contact Janet and please fill out the DISD Application. Upon clearance, screen shot and email the confirmation to Janet.